The Power of Altered States of Consciousness

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. – Albert Einstein

Do you know that feeling? The feeling of being totally stuck? Struggling with complicated intellectual questions, design issues, mental thought patterns, emotional issues, recurring traumas or simply feeling stuck in your relationship? Welcome then into your life, altered states of consciousness! Many people seem stuck in a certain way of thinking, sometimes for decades on end. Maybe you know a family member, recognise it yourself or know someone in your social circle who is like that. They seem to repeat their story over and over. The situation that they are in, their work is horrible, they are finding it all too much but don’t seem to make a change. One tool that may help them transform their life, is to venture into an altered state of consciousness.

What does it mean? Well, in principle when you are dreaming, you are in an altered state of consciousness. When you are in flow, that feeling that everything you do is going effortless, is also an altered state of consciousness. Sometimes we find them easy to achieve, but at other moments we can be stuck in a loop for months on end. I have been stuck in many months of depression on end, without seeing any way out… We live in a world of destruction, greed, power and control, where dominating other societies has been the norm for thousands of years. That is how stuck some lineages can be in their thinking, from father to son. If only once they would experience a deep altered state of consciousness, such as obtained with the psilocybin mushroom…

We are living in a world of separation, so we are made to believe. Don’t fall for the trap!! It is a lie!! 😉

Many of the problems in our Western world arise from this illusion of separateness. By believing we are separate from others, we tend to let our ego take over. Mine, mine, mine. I have to protect what is mine. I have to get more for myself. The others are after what I want so I need to protect what I want and fight with others to get more of what I want. Oh mind, oh mind.

“Do not seek to cut the root of phenomena, seek to cut the root of the mind. By accomplishing one, you accomplish all.” – Padmasambhava, Guru Rinpoche

Pandora’s box has not yet been opened, cause in there lies our salvation as a species. If we don’t shift our dominator societies back to the partnership model (McKenna, 1993) we once lived by, we are doomed to extinction. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that where we are heading now, is not Eden, it is not Walhalla, it is Armageddon. The power struggles on this planet are not calming down… on the contrary.

How you may wonder, can we do this?

Thousands of years, masters all over the world have accomplished a reconnection with our true nature. Either through decades of meditation, through deep introspective work, through sacred plants, vision quests, fasting, drumming, trance dance and more. It is there, that you can discover your origin, your true nature, your purpose here on Earth. Through healing the self of this illness of power in our collective consciousness, liberation opens you up to unconditional love for the self. Through love for the self we can fully be love, also for others. When love is present, nothing can withstand it. It is time for our species to rediscover who we truly are. To remember where we came from. To see that how we are living now, can only lead to total annihilation.

It is through the altered states of consciousness, that one can directly experience unity consciousness, the direct connection with our origins. This isn’t new-age wooing of any sort. This is the science of the deeper layers of the self. Underneath all the programming, conditioning and the ego, you will discover your stripped essence. Once you experience this way of being, the total dissolution of all boundaries, total dissolution of the physical, the mental, the emotional, you will understand.

There is no separation. There is no self. There is no need for ‘mine’.

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