Magick and the Flow of the Universe

“Those who don’t believe in magick, will never find it.” – Roald Dahl


What is magick? The first time I encountered it consciously (it is around us all the time), was with my last relationship. It started before we met physically. The amount of absurd occurrences, synchronicities, new encounters, dreams and connections were out of this world. We could feel each other even before we saw each other for the first time. Back then and up until recently, I thought it had mainly to do with her energy. The way she was living life so positively and sharing with all from a genuine place of gifting, from unconditional love. There are many teachings from all over the world about gratitude, about following the flow, about tuning into the universe. The core message is that ‘all is energy’ and we are all connected. What you put out is what you get in return.


Are you a thinker? Do you analyse a lot of your life with your mind? Looking for explanations, causal relationships for unexplainable phenomena? Are you even aware that you are a thinker, a mind oriented person? I definitely am. Without a doubt. It is slowly transforming into something magickal though. My mind is my friend and at the same time I have experienced it as an enemy for quite a while. It is not my enemy. It is just a tool which can be applied in the physical 3D world. One can organize projects, solve rational and scientific problems. But… can you think yourself out of the situations you feel stuck in? Some would argue yes. That the power of emotions, the power of dealing with the emotions actually, has its foundation in how we work the mind. Many techniques of healing are focused on changing our thoughts. Creating positive thoughts will lead to a more fulfilled life, less struggle and an overall increased well being. I haven’t got much to argue with it, apart from it feeling incomplete. Yes there is tremendous power in changing your thought patterns. There is so much more though. Bear with me.

I’m not writing this to convince anyone, it is up to each and every one of us to walk our path at our own pace. With our own discoveries, our own experiences, our own beliefs and subsequent paradigm shifts. When we are ready. Each one on their own pace. Find your own truth. We all have one. 7 Billion Truths on one planet.

After my spiritual awakening I have gone on a quest, I could not, NOT go. The quest was to discover more about the things I had experienced during ayahuasca ceremonies. It felt like I was given a new life. A new destiny. A new purpose. You see, during those first few ceremonies I have experienced and learned to work with, energies of others. If you are not familiar with this concept either look it up or for now, just put it your ‘imagination box’. A place where it doesn’t have any judgement. Read on and decide after.
I started to feel a lot electricity in my hands. I was ‘moved’ to work on others during ceremonies. When another participant in the ceremony would go into a deep process, I couldn’t help sometimes but move over to their spot and make movements with my hands. These movements were mostly ‘guided’ or ‘channelled’. By this I mean that I did not exert any conscious effort to make it happen. Between my girlfriend and me crazy things happened, since the day we met. A unity of two souls, merging their energy’s for some deep healing. Truly transformational. Even without the medicine, either through sexual contact or tantric exercises, I would feel blockages in her body and help her release. From where I was coming from (a purely reductionist, rational and scientific perspective) this was pretty darn crazy.

The last two years of my life really. Headspace. Thinking and analysing. It’s been a challenge and yet it’s been all good, just in the right time. Reading and hearing a lot about this concept of flow, of being in the moment. Of letting it happen. Letting the universe do its work and allowing the magick to unfold. I first saw this with my last partner. She didn’t just have a super positive outlook on life, she dealt with her issues head on, never running away. On top of that she was expressing an unprecedented sense of gratitude towards life in general. I think she was the first person I met who was manifesting instantaneous, being aware of it and being grateful for it.

Obviously the awareness of approaching life in this way was a total game changer for me. Have been educated as a mechanic and later completed an academic study of aerospace engineering. Rational, dry and causal way of looking at reality. Very useful for many aspects of our lives, don’t get me wrong. Detrimental for exploring the spiritual world though, at least that is my experience. From the world I was coming from this didn’t make any sense. How can you progress if you don’t know what is causing the progress? If you don’t find a causal relationship? How are you supposed to go into a new situation whilst letting go of everything you have learned, everything you know that is the foundation or your reality? Optimization, progress and development in our Western world has mainly been so successful because we were able to dissect part by part of what we were trying to improve. Trust me. The Great Mystery, the Creator, the Universe, the magick in this life, none of them follow those rules.

Consider a chicken trying to explain its perspective on its reality to an ant. A being that operates from a totally different vantage point. The ant will never be able to understand the chicken’s world. The same for a goldfish which has its reality inside the fish bowl. It is likely not even aware of a world outside of it. I was trying to understand the world of the chicken through the eyes of the ant. I wanted to understand all of the mysteries of creation, the mysteries of life on earth, the mysteries of energetic work.

By now I have such a different view on the world. Sure I learned a lot through the scientific approach. I learned we are multidimensional beings, I learned that there are many other intelligences in the universe. Some benevolent, some malevolent. I learned that in order to experience reality for what it is, I had to let go of the old way of approaching it. Not through the mind, but through the heart. As an intellectual concept this didn’t get me much further.


Then I went to Peru, first to Iquitos and then to Pucallpa. A place where people are living much more in the flow than us in the West. No right or wrong there. It is simply another way of living life. People there seemed to have fewer questions about the functioning of reality. More accepting, more at ease and more in the moment. This was the jungle. The life with the Shipibos. I worked with the medicine for many months isolated from civilization. To be honest, it created more questions than answers.

Cusco, Pisac, Qoya, all in the sacred valley. The next step on the journey. There I really experienced the feeling of being. The feeling of acceptance. The feeling of not trying to figure it out. San Pedro helped me a lot with understanding the importance of letting it flow. Especially the emotions. Expressing our deepest essence in our being. The importance of gratitude. I actually had a ceremony in the Netherlands with Ayahuasca where she showed me the power of gratitude. I could see the direct effect of gratitude on my surroundings, on my life. I met a girl there who was a major inspiration. She was so much into the flow, accepting the moment, seeing the magick unfold right before her eyes. The main lessons I learned through sharing time and ceremonies together:

Life wants to be felt, to be lived, to flow. The magick is right there

Everything is really perfect the way it is. Everything happens for a reason. Everything is a gift. This lesson is applicable to EVERYTHING. Also thoughts. Also actions. Also interaction. Also love. Also journeys and events. EVERYTHING

We really manifest our life. Being grateful and being present are cornerstones in our evolution on this path

Life is meaningless. It has the meaning we give to it

Our emotions are like the wind. They come and go. We don’t try to stop the wind from blowing when we get cold do we? We put on a pullover maybe, but we accept its presence. The same accounts for all our thoughts, emotions and the events in our lives. They come and go. They want to flow. Keeping it inside and blocking it leads to a congestion of energy. Letting life flow gives you the chance to experience the magick.

We are infinitely more powerful than we can ever imagine. We truly create the experience of life. I once thought it was a physical type of process. “Think about winning a Ferrari long enough and it will be delivered to your doorstep”. Not that I ever got myself convinced to experiment with that, but this was how I thought it would be. Far from it.
We are powerful creators in our own world. The thoughts we allow in, the emotions that we experience, the people we meet and the actions we take. In there we have ultimate freedom. From moment to moment we can choose how we let life affect us. By learning that everything is happening in the right moment, we are being guided through our lives, we have contracts with other souls who we meet in this lifetime, and it has created a different paradigm.


The key here is to heal all of ourselves that is still connected with dependency on others, on events, on goals. True inner peace comes from within. The kingdom of heaven is really here, it is already amongst ourselves. We are able to tap into it at any moment, at any time. We are all teachers, mirrors for each other. Learning to be more present comes from moving down. Getting out of your head. Feeling in the moment. Regularly asking ourselves not what we think of something, but how we feel in that moment. To allow all the feelings to come up, to flow, to appreciate them. The emotions are there to teach us something. Ask yourself whenever you feel something unpleasant such as worry, doubt, anger, frustration etc; ‘thank you for showing me and please do tell me, what is it that you are here to teach me?’ By doing so, we enable ourselves to let life flow without resistance. Add a heap of gratitude on top of that and voila life is a ride, a ride over the waves of the flow. It is up and down, left and right, going inside and moving outward again. Without resistance.

Life is a dream, remember who you are, remember what you are. It is a physical illusion which appears very real. We arrive at experiences that are there to teach us and to make us grow. They are the gifts of the universe that guide us to the next phase in life. It is not always easy, but it is simple. Over-complicating things leads to suffering. By being present, focusing on our breath, moving our attention from the head to the heart, we allow ourselves to let life flow. In the flow you will be able to pick up the subtle queues of the universe. We are being guided. The world is full of magic. To experience the magic being present is the key. The key to the kingdom of heaven within. Without resistance.

I got this message through a chaneling a few weeks ago and found it appropriate for this article:

“Take a step, we’ll put it this way. Envision the energy of surrender, as a big umbrella and practice stepping under the umbrella and align with surrender. This does not mean you are not in charge. You are always in charge, but as you begin to step into/under these energies of surrender, you’ll find these things will simply open up to you. When you spend so much time in your head you miss what is happening on the outside. It is not bad but drop it down a notch.”

Yes. Let’s flow!

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