Message to all Brothers and Sisters:

Welcome to Awaken and Connect! You are in a magical place of spirituality and self-discovery. This is the website, rather, a community of like-minded people who are interested in everything related to spiritual practices. Before I go any further I want to introduce myself:

White Lion - Spiritual Animal - Daan Gorter

This is my power animals – a White Lion. A principal guides that is with us all our lives.

My name is Daan Gorter. 5 years ago I was the most analytically minded person I knew. I even studied Engineering and specializing in Mathematics. Easily said, I was not the most spiritual person out there. Everything changed one day, however when, after year of frustration and trying to understand who I am and what my purpose was, I tried Ayahuasca. My life has not been same ever after.

Fast forward to today, I am traveling the world, exposing myself to all sorts of mystical, spiritual, and magical practices, and I help people find their spiritual pass.

This is where this website comes in. I built it to facilitate connecting with spiritually awakened people. I want us to come together and raise out collective spiritual awakening. It is indeed overdue. This is a safe place for people from all different background, religious or not, novice or an expert. So lets grow together.

Here is a short description of things you can expect to find here:

  • Peer Groups – Find other spiritual awakened people who are eager to share their story.
  • Reference Portal – A place where you can find answers to your most pertinent spiritual questions.
  • Place of Growth – A place where of guidance, advice and growth to speed up spiritual awaking.

Spiritual discovery made easy

Read spiritual stories, news, journeys, and revelations from people who walk the pass:

By Daan Gorter / 30 January 2017

Magick and the Flow of the Universe

“Those who don’t believe in magick, will never find it.” – Roald Dahl What is magick? The first time I encountered it consciously (it is around us all the time), was with my last relationship. It started before we met physically. The amount of absurd occurrences, synchronicities, new encounters, dreams and connections were out of this world. We could feel...

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By Daan Gorter / 30 January 2017

Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway – An Encounter with Bufo Alvarius

This post is about resistance, about walking your path, about following your intuition. I hope my journey may inspire you one way or the other, to be real, to have courage, to stay true to yourself. “Beyond fear lies freedom.” – AHO brothers and sisters! Are you ever scared, deeply scared, before undertaking something whilst at the same time having...

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Spiritual video guidance (V-blog)

Check also V-Blog for these who are also interested in periodical Spiritual video discovery:

Let’s Remember Who You Are
BRAZIL DIARIES NO.1 – Arriving, Airport meeting, CS
Fist Visit to John of God
The Awakening of Our Planet, of Our Race. Live at Condor Eagle Medicine Festival 2017

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